aMetamorphosis provides a curriculum to Enlighten, Empower & Enhance Confidence, Attitude, Aptitude and Emotional Intelligence using comprehensive tools of Soft Skills training and Image Management.

aMetamorphosis for Corporates

1. Image Management Solution : BE the change

What is image consultancy?
Today image consultancy is a core element of personal development and the ability to manage one’s professional and ‘off-duty’ personal appearance is perceived as an important communication skill.

Image management for frontline image bearers
Image management is the only complete science and art of developing inner strengths as well as reflecting them on the outside which again affects the inside. Image is inside out. It is the overall ability to be more successful in personal, professional and social lives.

As FIRST IMPRESSIONS forms the FRONTLINE for an organizational employee, it is essential that these first impressions are the lasting best impressions. Ametamorphosis is proud to bring you a programme to strengthen this frontline which will have a great influence on the BOTTOM LINE of the organization through its unique Training workshop

♦   Appearance & Grooming a way to create lasting impressions
♦   Body language & Etiquette a way forward with civility
♦   Communication a way of socializing
♦   Demeanor the way of harmonized living
♦   Emotional intelligence the way to success

Snap shots of workshop modules- Image management solutions (IMS) with their learning objectives

Reinvent yourself
BE the change

Self Management - aMetamorphosis for Colleges
Power of personal appearance:
  • Feel the importance to make every first impression not just good but great.
  • Appreciate to strike a fine balance between professional expectations and personal style.
  • Appearance projects or reflects our values, personality, attitudes, interests, roles, and often our goals.
  • Reflect how our attire is a matter of semiotic and non-verbal communication, and an essential part of the human experience.

Dress for success:
  • Identify to wear the appropriate dress based on the occasion and the personality we need to influence
  • Extrapolate and project a professional image with our attire.
  • Illustrate to use the effective combination of fabric, colour and pattern to create harmony in our appearance.
  • Be able to augment our grooming skills to enhance our visual image

Civility at work place:
  • To learn good practices in a business meeting proceedings
  • Have clarity in business etiquette, gender etiquette in work place
  • Learn cubicle etiquette, digi-etiquette, business introductions & protocol
  • Become aware of email etiquette in mail correspondence, and telephone etiquette

Dress slim:
  • Learn to present a slimmer appearance using clothing as a tool
  • Identify body shapes and types
  • Create slimmer silhouette in seconds
  • Style with caution, what not to wear to look slim, during weight gain or loss ,tips for fabulous fit

Dining Finesse:
  • To equip the modern office-goers with the right tools to assist them conduct themselves in socio-business settings.
  • To identify dining skills as a simple skill which can be easily learnt, quickly applied and polished as they which includes course of meal ,alcohol & spirits, business meals and table settings luncheon tutorial & fine dining
  • Learn all about table settings; get to know right use of flatware/silverware/cutlery, and interesting aspects of eating tricky foods.
  • Be more aware about the appropriate table manners

Body talk :
  • To understand the various interpretations of body language through the use of eyes, facial expressions, personal space, postures, touch and gestures
  • Learn to use right body language to our advantage
  • Empower yourself to read other’s like a book. Gain the advantage of power poses
  • Use the principles of body language to read clusters. Read others through their eyes and make an impact on others by adopting specific eye expressions
  • Spot lies and read evaluations gestures

Art of Influencing through Communication styles:
  • Explore the concepts of communication styles
  • Learn to influence others diligently, to your way of thought process
  • Become aware to lead and pace others and to mind read customers
  • Learners will be well equipped to create delight experience in customer service
  • Learn the skills to carry a magic wand in influencing others

Art of Listening:
  • Appreciate the difference in hearing and listening
  • Establish the importance of listening in the whole communication process
  • Empower yourself to be a better listener and to connect with others
  • Enhance your listening skills to create more awareness
  • Learn the tools of verbal and non-verbal listening skills

Art of persuasion through empathizing:
  • Learn ways in which others get encouraged to act in a specific way through their thought process
  • Use patterns to empathize with them and relate to them
  • Identify 10 guiding principles to look for in people thought patterns
  • Learn to motivate them to make the desired decisions and take the first step in becoming a master persuader

2. Behavioural Management Solution : DiSC – RIDE the change

Treat others the way you do like to be treated – so goes the traditional rule. The Golden Rule is a part of many cultures and religions throughout time. Surely this applies to issues of integrity, respect and compassion.The Golden Rule implies the basic assumption that other people would like to be treated the way that you would like to be treated. That is patently false. In fact, it could be argued that the Golden Rule is a self-centered rule. With the Golden Rule, you run a greater risk of creating conflict than chemistry. After all, people have different needs, wants, and ways of doing things.

The alternative to the Golden Rule is the Platinum Rule:

"Treat others the way they want to be treated."

The Platinum Rule accommodates the feelings of others. The focus of relationships shifts from “this is what I want, so I’ll give everyone the same thing” to “let me first understand what they want and then I’ll give it to them. Building rapport with people based on the platinum rule requires some thought and effort, but it is the most insightful, rewarding, and productive way to interact with people. And it is easy to learn.


PMS - aMetamorphosis for Corporates
Our workshops are built on the Platinum rule.Supported by the DiSC assessments, the workshops follow 4 basic steps which redefines our purpose of “RIDE the change”

• Reflect: Recognize own behavioural priorities to enhance self-awareness
• Innovate: Match your self-knowledge with objective of necessity
• Discover: Spot the behavioural priorities of others
• Engage: Employ the knowledge to adapt behaviour for effectiveness

Snap shots of workshop modules based on behavioural management solutions (BMS) with their learning objectives
Bespoke customer service:
  • Learn their own behavioural styles
  • Recognize & comprehend customer behaviour styles
  • Enhance communication skills to adapt to customer styles
  • Articulate the semantics of rapport building with customer
  • Develop the art of handling objections

Cohesive team building:
  • Learn the five dysfunction of team
  • Analyze ways to comprehend benefits of healthy conflict
  • Identify and evaluate the team building process
  • Learn ways to build trust and clarity in team
  • Learn ways in achieving collective results than individual goals

Art of managing for managers:
  • Participants learn about their strengths & challenges as mangers
  • Empower themselves in the art of directing and delegating
  • Learn ways to create an environment for motivation for others
  • Identify their motivators and stressors
  • Learn ways to adapt to meet needs of people they manage

Future - leadership workshop:
  • Encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors
  • Provides opportunity to reflect on the leadership qualities
  • Learn about the Vision- Alignment- Execution(V-A-E) frame work
  • Identify specific strategies and action to advance in V-A-E framework
  • Create a roadmap for their leadership role

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